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yes, yes I’ll lose weight, eat less chocolate and pray more…

I have never been particularly successful with New Year’s resolutions. I look back now and can see that if I had my life would have been better. Not just because I’d be fitter, leaner, healthier, and have a liver that … Continue reading

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What’s above your desk?

I have 2 desks. One at home and the other at the Ministry Centre of Viz-A-Viz. The one at home is squeezed into a small space, just for me, and the Viz-A-Viz one is a ‘proper’ office for meetings and … Continue reading

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The Photocopier man – divine appointment

In my new role I currently have the joy (!) of dealing with many sales people who will try and sell me a new phone system, laptop, general stationary, database systems and the most often…photocopiers. Recently I gave in, said … Continue reading

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Maybe this time…

I have read and reflected upon the recent blog traffic about the current situation of the BUGB, and felt drawn to put something in writing. I believe that reading the blogs of Andy Goodliff, Juliet Kilpin, Neil Brighton, Steve Holmes, … Continue reading

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