“If I find what’s beeping it’s in trouble”

Last night, every 30 seconds or so, I could hear ‘beeping’. Just a few seconds of ‘beeping’. The dog first drew my attention to it as generally he’s a sensitive soul when it comes to high pitched noises, which I’ve noticed whenever I have changed the battery on the smoke detectors. He (dog) leaves the room as if he’s been scolded for one of those moments when ‘whatever’ he’s eaten makes a re-appearance in a form not welcomed (unless of course, its cover for someone else in the room!).

I made a mental note to attend to the ‘beeping’ and this morning after returning from a meeting, I set about the task. “Of course”, I said, “it’s a smoke alarm.” I dutifully attended to each one. Nope. Something was still ‘beeping’. I listened and realised definitely that the beeping was coming from the kitchen. I stood in the kitchen. ‘It’ ‘beeped’ and it clearly wasn’t in the kitchen. I stood in the hall way, and ‘It’ ‘beeped’ and ‘it’ clearly IS in the kitchen. I went through the whole kitchen turning off every device I could find, listened, and once again, this ‘Beep’ was CLEARLY…NOT in the kitchen. “Aaagh!” This ‘beeping’ is now getting on my ‘beeping’ nerves.

With minutes ticking by and that sense of I’m wasting time, I have other things to do today other than search for a ‘beep’ I have left the ‘beep’ and the dog (who cowered in the corner again) and will try and get the ‘bleeping’ thing sorted later.

I left the house, hurriedly and I noticed how my drive to work was more frustrating than normal. Drivers weren’t driving as they should, lights seemed to be on red for longer, mobile phone use in the car in front was making them drive erratically, and the rain….well the rain just kept on coming. Drought, that’s a ‘bleeping’ laugh!

My journey ended upon arriving to find that a ‘bleeping’ person had parked their car in MY SPACE!

All this before 10.30 a.m.

I stopped. Breathed. Prayed. Offered the past hour or so to the Lord, and felt his gentle voice speak into my life. A moment of peace.

I reflected on yesterday. Good meetings, an encounter with a young woman seeking help to find her way back to a faith filled life, and a meal out with 4 folks 2 of whom are looking to be baptised in the near future.

Perspective was restored.

Yes, there are lots of ‘beeping’ things that get in the way, that can distract and frustrate us, but it’s important to take a moment to pause, pray, reflect and gain a broader and better perspective.

The ‘beep’ can wait. We will have family ‘beep’ finding session later, because at my age, it may well be my ‘beeping’ ears.

Have a ‘beeping’ good day

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